Sarix Professional series camera relay output information.


  • I cannot get my relay output from my Sarix camera to work.
  • The Sarix Professional camera I just bought does not have a relay output; how do I connect an output from this camera?
  • How do I wire the output from a Professional series Sarix camera?
  • What are the specifics about the relay output from the Sarix Professional series cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix Professional series cameras - IMP1110, IMP219, IMP319, IMP519, IXP11, IXP21, IXP31, IXP51, IXPS1


Customers purchased cameras and cannot get the relay output to work from the camera.


When it comes to the Sarix Professional line of cameras, their PhotoMos output is not a true "relay" in the sense of a relay contact. The PhotoMos forward biases a circuit that outputs a 5VDC reference level. There is a need to connect an interim relay (such as an NTE Electronics R70-5D1-12 or its like) between the OUT and COM (Common) from the Sarix Professional camera model and the panel or other such input device that is needing to be triggered.

If you connect a voltage to the OUT, it will eventually burn the PhotoMos output and/or the circuit behind it.

More information about PhotoMos outputs can be found in the link provided.