Can predefined presets be changed, defined, or configured on Pelco PTZ camera systems?


  • 3rd Party DVR systems are not triggering the correct preset configured on Pelco camera systems.
  • Unable to configure or define certain presets on Pelco camera systems.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Pelco PTZ camera systems including:

  • Spectra HD Series
  • Spectra IV Series
  • Spectra III Series
  • Spectra Mini
  • Sarix TI Thermal Imaging
  • Esprit Series
  • ExSite Series


This is a factory designed function and factory configured setting.


There are several predefined preset positions on every Pelco PTZ camera. These predefined presets serve a specific function and therefore can not be configured or defined. 

Listed below are all predefined presets that are preconfigured at the factory:

  • Preset 33: Flip Command: pans the camera 180 degrees (available on Spectra Series camera models)
  • Preset 34: Pan zero command; directs the camera to the factory determined zero reference point.
  • Preset 83 to 87: Reserved
  • Preset 88: IR Filter IN (Color)
  • Preset 89: IR Filter Out (Black & White)
  • Preset 90 to 91: Manual Limit Stops
  • Preset 92 to 93:Scan Limit Stops
  • Preset 94: Reserved
  • Preset 95: Configuration Menu 
  • Preset 96: Stop a Scan
  • Preset 97: Random Scan
  • Preset 98: Frame Scan
  • Preset 99: Start Auto Scan