How to send SMTP mail from command prompt for testing.


When troubleshooting SMTP email issues it is oftentimes handy to send a test email directly from Windows in order to narrow down the part of the system with the problem.

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Troubleshooting technique.


Simple way to test SMTP email for testing purposes.

  1. Make sure telnet is turned ON in windows. (if not, go to control panel>>programs>>turn windows features on or off and turn ON the telnet client.
  2. Open a command prompt and type telnet domain name (or IP address) and port. EXAMPLE telnet 25)
  3. Type HELO and identify the sending system, EXAMPLE: helo MyPCName
  4. Type mail from: followed by an email address. EXAMPLE: mail from:
  5. Type rcpt to: followed by destination address. EXAMPLE: rcpt to: (NOTE: must be an email account in the mail server)
  6. Type data then ENTER key
  7. Type a message
  8. Type . (period) then ENTER to end

NOTE: Type slowly and if you mistype something hit enter and after the error re-type the line. Using backup space appears to work but it doesn't.



1. Make sure Telnet server is installed on the SMTP server.

2. Make sure Telnet service is enabled/running on the SMTP server