Create an Update Monitor with alarm


How update monitors work and how to make an alarm on one

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SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Building Operation


Check if a LON variable is offline/online


When you have a function block program with a nvo you can right click on it and choose "new - mirrored network variable"
When this is done a NVI is created at the local node.

You can only create an update monitor for nvi's and this is how you do it.

  1. Right click on the created nvi and choose "new - update monitor"
  2. Double left click on the nvi to see its attributes, it now has a update monitor.
  3. Right click on the variable for the nvi and choose " new - alarm "
  4. Choose "variable status alarm"
  5. Choose the criteria for the alarm and then create, make sure the  "Trigger when variable is offline" is checked

You will now get an alarm when the variable gets offline