How to Obtain Sarix Video Statistics from the Command Line


The customer would like an easy way to check video statistics on one or more cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix cameras, versions 1 or 2


Various video statistics are available from a camera's Web interface, but to get the actual bit rate achieved, one has to use Wireshark.


  1. Enable SSH on the camera if it has not been already using the steps in Lessons Learned Entry 11444.
  2. Open Endura Utilities
  3. Right-click on the camera and choose Scripts → One-time script
  4. Type the following command: cat /var/run/*CodecStats.ini and click OK.

In the window that appears, two sets of information will be shown. The first is for the primary stream and the second is for the secondary stream. The data includes the (1) frame width, (2) frame height, (3) frame rate, (4) video codec, (5) I-frame interval, (6) GOP structure, (7) bit rate, (8) profile, (9) actual bit rate, and (10) the I-frame bit rate.