IEC Connector types for Pelco monitors.


  • What plug style do Pelco monitors use?
  • I am needing to order some power plugs for my Pelco monitors and I need to know what is the coupler/coupling style of the cords that are used?
  • What are the coupler styles in use on the Pelco monitors?
  • What are the IEC couplers for the Pelco monitors?

Product Line

Pelco Monitors


PMCL series monitors.

  • PMCL500A and PMCL500F series
  • PMCL500HB
  • PMCL500NB
  • PMCL400NB
  • PMCL300A, PMCL300F


Customers need to know what the plug style is for their power cords.


Most ALL of Pelco's Flat panel PMCLx00xx series monitors will have either the C13 (Female side - plugging into) or C14 (Male side - receiving) plug couplers/coupling styles DIRECTLY on the back of the monitors themselves. However, some of the power cords, after plugging into the monitor itself, requires the use of a power box/transformer in between the monitor and the Mains power source and therefore the cord itself also terminates into the C7P (Female side)/C8P (Male side). For reference to the images to the plugs themselves, please see the IEC 60320 article.