Sarix and Pelco IP camera model numbers in correlation with their related firmware code numbers.


  • What is the firmware code number model of the Sarix camera I have?
  • Reference to the four digit firmware code and associated Sarix model of camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix models - ALL -  ID, IDE, IEE, IM, IME, IX, IXE, Professional (IxP) and Enhanced (IxE) 
  • NET5400
  • Spectra HD - D5118, D5220, D5230
  • ESTi
  • Sarix TI2/TI3
  • Device Utility version 2.0 AND 3.0


Customers see firmware coded four-digit number and wonder what model the PPM firmware file is for.


When reading a Sarix related PPM firmware file, you will see the following as AN EXAMPLE: IMS0C101-1V- The breakdown of the firmware code is thus:

  • IMS0C101 is the friendly name for the Sarix model in reference. This is generally how we all refer to the Sarix model numbers.
  • is the actual version of the firmware. Any of the first 2-3 "octets" (depending on actual version) delineated with the periods at the very beginning of the PPM file is each models associated version.
  • 1.82603 is the coded model number where the "1" is not referenced in this instance and the next four digits are the coded model of the Sarix camera. This is how the firmware PPM file and Utilities application "knows" which model the PPM file is to go to and why it gets rejected if you try to send the wrong PPM file to the wrong model of Sarix camera.
  • O105654 - this is in reference to the hardware revision and another way that the firmware "knows" if it is going to be accepted by the camera you are pushing the firmware to from DU (Device Utilities) or EU (Endura Utilities). The capital "O" is the latest release and the previous release for most all older (NON-Profession or NON-Enhanced) Sarix models was referenced with an "A" at the beginning. If you see an "A" then you have original/initial release of hardware inside the Sarix based camera and there may be a need to have this camera's hardware upgraded (depending on circumstances).

With this explained, the 3rd item enumerated above is the four digit code and their references are:

  • 2084 - TXB-N (otherwise known as the Spectra IV IP basic)
  • 3081 - NET540xT Encoders
  • 3628 - Device Utility (DU3.03)
  • 8110 - IExxDN/C Day/Night or Color models
  • 8111 - IEExxDN/C Extended (extra processor) Day/Night or Color models
  • 8260 - IMS0C10-V Standard resolution Color Vandal resistant
  • 8262 - IMS0DN10-V Standard resolution Day/Night Vandal resistant
  • 8263 - IM10DN-V 1MPx Vandal resistant Day/Night models
  • 8264 - IMS0C10-E Standard resolution Color Environmental
  • 8266 - IMS0DN-E Standard resolution Day/Night Environmental
  • 8267 - IM10DN-E 1MPx Day/Night Environmental
  • 8270 - IM10LW10 1MPx Low Light technology
  • 8271 - IM10LW10-V 1MPx Low Light technology Vandal resistant
  • 8272 - IM10LW10-E 1MPx Low Light technology Environmental
  • 8280 - IMEx19 Second/Next generation Sarix Enhanced models
  • 9080 - IXxxDN/C Day/Night or Color models
  • 9081 - IXExxDN/C Extended (extra processor) Day/Night models
  • 9082 - IXS0LW Standard, NON-HD, resolution Low Light technology
  • 9083 - IXE10LW 1PMx Extended model (extra processor) with Low Light technology
  • 9110 - IDxxDN/C Day/Night or Color models
  • 9111 - IDExxDN/C Extended (extra processor) Day/Night or Color models
  • 9260 - IMS0C10 Standard resolution Color models
  • 9261 - IM10C10 1Mpx Color models
  • 9280 - IXExx Second/Next generation Enhanced models
  • 9310 - D5118 - 720P Spectra HD IP models
  • 9320 - D5220 - 1080P 20X Spectra HD IP models
  • 9330 - D5230 - 1080P 30X Spectra HD IP models
  • 9441 - TI2/TI3 Fixed Thermal imagers
  • 9442 - TI3/TM1 Fixed Thermal imagers
  • 9443 - ESTI3 Esprit Thermal imagers
  • 9445 - TI6 Fixed Thermal imagers
  • 9447 - ESTI6 Esprit Thermal imagers