Enabling motion detection in a pro series camera first through the web interface causes it to fail in Endura Workstation.


Enabling motion in the Web UI does not enable it in the Endura workstation, instead it causes an initialization error.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


When using a Pro series camera with motion detection in Endura workstation.


Enabling motion detection in the web UI doesn't update the DDF (Device.xml) and causes issues with Endura Workstation. When motion detection is disabled, it is reported in the DDF. The workstation must do some parsing of the DDF to decide what features are enabled.


 When disabling motion in the web UI and then going back to Endura, one can see that motion is enabled and an "Error: Initialization failed" message is seen with no video. Something similar is seen when enabling from the web ui - after going to Endura WS GUI, nothing is enabled. It is best to disable in the Web Ui and do all motion detection enabling through the Endura side.

You must logout of the WS GUI and login before the changes are seen.