Silk screen on the back of the FMCI-PG2 shows 100/1000FX

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power




When set for the silk screen the Fiber light shows no link light


Please note switch position for data rate differ between product silk screen and product installation manual. Complete switch configuration and LED status may be properly referenced per the FMCI-PG2 manual click  HERE

 View images and data rate charts below for further details.

For 100 Mbps Data Rate, configure switches A  and B towards ON (Right) position :

A: ON →

B: ON →

For 1000 Mbps Data Rate, configure switches A and B towards OFF ( Left) position:

Note:Requires use of Gigabit FSFP module.

A: OFF ←

B: OFF ←


 If switch is set to match the silk screen the link light is off.

 Note: The following LED status is an indicator that switch selection may be incorrect.  Select proper data rate position and re-cycle power to units.