Searching for forced values in SmartStruxure 1.5 and newer


Unable to determine which points have been forced within a SmartStruxure database.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


  • Workstation
  • SmartStruxure 1.5 and newer


Points may have been forced in the past and been forgotten. These forced values may cause the SmartStruxure system to function improperly.


A search of all forced points can performed in a SmartStruxure database by following the procedure below.

  1. In the system tree, right click on the root level of the database in which you want to perform a search and select "Search". (In this case the entire automation server was searched)
  2. Check the box titled "Forced values only" and then click on the browse button of the "Included types:" field.
  3. Scroll down the list of Types and select "Point". Click the right arrow to add it to the Type field. Click OK. (Any SmartStruxure object can be selected to be searched, for this example Points will be used - Add "Input Point" and "Output Point" to also search I/O points). Another example would be to select a Function block Program to search for forced points in a Function block application.
  4. In the search field, enter an asterisk to search for all forced points regardless of the name. Click the search icon.
  5. All points that are forced will be displayed in the search result field on the right.


- By selecting "New", "Search" from a folder in the system you can create a new search object that will remain on the system saving the settings and allow it to be run as required. It can also be opened from a graphic.

- To search for BACnet objects that have been forced create a Search object inside the Application folder of a BACnet interface, that will allow the various BACnet object types to be included in the search e.g. BACnet Object, b3 Proprietary Proxy Base, BACnet Device Proxy Base, BACnet Interface and BACnet Object (Generic).