Does the Oncam GrandEye camera require a heater / blower for outdoor use?


Enclosure for the OnCam Grandeye

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Oncam GrandEye Outdoor Camera 


Heater / Blower element is not needed for the outdoor camera. See below for further details.


This enclosure is a fully sealed IP-66 rated enclosure that is also vandal resistant. It is designed so that there is no opening for moisture to enter the inner enclosure. All mounting perforations are outside of the sealed area of the enclosure. The wire grommets on the back are sealed until perforated by the installer. The integrity of these seals is essential in order to keep moisture from entering the enclosure.

The back of the ceiling base has two wire grommets for cable entry plus a Gore® Vent to allow the enclosure to breathe. The Gore® Vent is the small white circular patch on the back that allows the enclosure to vent without letting moisture in. As the enclosure cools at night it contracts and will draw in cool, moisture laden air. When it heats up the next day, the air expands and pushes out. This warmer air will not hold moisture, so over time condensation builds inside the enclosure. The vent allows the enclosure to breathe without drawing in moisture. The Gore® Vent is relatively fragile, do not probe or touch it unnecessarily

The unit also has an M20 conduit entry on the side. A 20mm to 1/2" adaptor can be fitted if imperial sized conduit is being used. The enclosure has an o-ringed plug installed in the conduit entry as shipped from the factory. If the conduit connection is used, the installer must make sure that water cannot enter the enclosure from the conduit. The two wire grommets are designed for a single wire/cable each, which is 3.5-5mm in diameter (0.138 – 0.197"). This range is intended to accommodate most Ethernet and alarm signal cables used in the industry.