How to configure a Pelco camera Event Handler to automatically stop on schedule.


Event Handlers in Spectra and Sarix cameras do not automatically stop at the end of the desired time schedule.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra HD - all models

Sarix cameras - IE, IME, IXE models


The End time field in the Event Handler schedule configuration options does not stop the event on its own.


Another PTZ action has to occur after the running event time frame has ended to stop the event in progress.

  • To interrupt an active event action, send any user controlled PTZ function manually through a controller or Video Managment Software.
  • Schedule another Event Handler to be timed to start another event after the ending of the previous event. This will interrupt the active event action automatically.

For example, to have a Preset Tour to be stopped automatically after 2 PM on weekdays:

  1. Create a Source as a Timer type with a short frequency. This will cause the associated Event Handler to be checked to see when it should be triggered.

  2. Create an Event Handler that does something other than starting the previous event, linked to that Source, and schedule it to start after the original event should stop.

  3. Make sure to click the Submit button each time you make a change in both the Sources and Handlers sections of the Events menu options.
  4. If the events don't start and stop as expected, reboot the camera.


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