Configure the date, time, and time zone on the DX4100


How do I adjust the date, time,  time zone and Daylight savings on the DX4100

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




  • Configure time settings to desire time zone.
  • Turn Daylight savings on


  1. Log on to the DVR at the administrator level.
  2. Select the Setup (gear icon) button.
  3. Select the System tab
  4. Select Date/Time in the System sub menu.
  5. Enter the correct time zone time and date (e.g. Pacific = GMT -08, Mountain = GMT -07, Central = GMT -06, Eastern = GMT -05).
  6. Turn Daylight Savings on or off
  7. Click Exit. The "Configuration data is changed. Save the new settings?" dialog box is displayed.
  8. Click OK to save the changes.

Note: Must login locally at the DVR to set the date and time