How to wire the input power to a ES30/ES31 Series.


Wiring the input power on a ES30/ES31 Series.

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ES30 Series
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Confusion on a new or replacement input power module wiring for ES30/ES31 Series.


Connecting input power to ESTX-5 or ESTX-2 power module.

NOTE: Input power to an ES30/ES31 Series is determined by the power module being used.  An ESTX-5 can be used as 120 or 230VAC input. An ESTX-2 can only be used as 24VAC input.


  1. If using an ESTX-5, set the 120/230 voltage selector switch on the transformer to the appropriate voltage.
  2. Connect the wires and cables using the two supplied clamp connectors to connect the AC line and neutral.

  3. Connect the Video coaxial cable to the BNC connector.

NOTE: When using a 24 VAC power module on the Esprit series, the two white wires have no true polarity as AC voltage can be connected to either white wires.


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