NET5500 Encoder Series (Digital Sentry and Endura)


New NET5500 series encoders.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NET5500 Series Encoders


Quick overview of the NET5500 series encoders.



See the NET5500 product page for full details.


  • NET5501-I
    • 1-channel, in-line, H.264 encoder
  • NET5501-XT
    • 1-channel, extended temperature, H.264 encoder
  • NET5501
    • 1-channel, rack mountable, H.264 encoder
  • NET5504
    • 4-channel, rack mountable, H.264 encoder
  • NET5508
    • 8-channel, rack mountable, H.264 encoder
  • NET5516
    • 16-channel, rack mountable, H.264 encoder

New Features

  • Expanded form factors
    • Inline 1-channel (Compact, POE support)
    • 1-channel Extended temperature model (-20C to 74C, audio inputs, alarm and relay support)
    • 1, 4, 8 channel (Rack mountable, audio and relay support, looping output support)
    • 16 channel (Rack mountable, audio and relay support)
  • Gigabit Ethernet on the 8 and 16 channel models

Core Features

  • Coaxitron / Extended Coaxitron
  • Pelco D and P support
  • Integrated motion detection and sabotage analytics support
  • ONVIF S support for 3rd party VMS systems
  • H.264 high, main and base compression
  • POE and 12VDC
  • 1 audio and 1 alarm inputs per channel
  • Relay outputs on most models
  • Looping capability on most models
  • SNMP support (Fan failure, temperature, video loss, lack of airflow)

Feature Enhancement

  • 3 streams up to 4CIF, 25/30 IPS per stream
  • 2 stream support for unicast


  • This is a networked device and can be placed anywhere on the customer network that can reliably feed IP video to the server
  • Requires software licenses