PIN locations for control for MPT24DT


What are the PIN locations for right and left control?

Product Line

Field Devices, Pelco Transmission & Power


MPT24DT Pan/Tilt functions, PT270-24P, PT280-24P, PT570-24P, PT680-24P


Loss of manual for PIN layout


On either a 14-PIN or a 9-PIN the following applies:                                                                                                                     

  • PIN 1 is P/T common
  • PIN 3 is Left control
  • PIN 5 is Down control
  • PIN 6 is Up control
  • PIN 7 is Right control
  • PIN 8 is Safety Ground




  NOTE: MPT24DT can also be used to control 120 VAC pan/tilt  and scanners when used with RB115 relay box