Linking Relay Outputs to Motion Events on DX8100 Series Hybrid Video Recorder .


DX8100 is not triggering a relay linked to motion event.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Series


Motion detection link settings not configured correctly in the DX8100s Motion Detection Link Settings Section.


To set relay outputs to activate in response to motion detection event.

  1. On the DX8100 toolbar, click the Setup button . The Setup dialog box opens to the Camera page.
  2. Click the Linking button  .
  3. Click the Event-Relay Link Setting tab.
  4. In the Motion Detection Link Settings section, do the following:

    a.   Select a camera channel from the Camera Channel drop-down box.
    b.   Click the button for each relay you want to link to the selected camera.

    You can also drag relays onto cameras in the Site Tree while in Live mode (main screen).
  5. Click Apply.


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