ExSite certificates and certification references.


  • Do you have the ExSite certificates?
  • Can you send me the ATEx certificate for the ExSite please?
  • I need the pdf certificates for the ExSite cameras?
  • What are the certificates for the ExSite?
  • Does Pelco have a download for the ExSite camera's certificates?
  • May I get a digital format Certificate for the ExSite cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


ALL ExSite camera models - IPSXM or EHXM including IPSXME and EHXME models.


Customers and end users require the actual, printable, certificates for reference against the ExSite camera systems to have on file for use in designated areas.


The ExSite Certificate links are as follows (these links take you to the actual Certificate for printable documents for records keeping).

** NOTE ** this list is NOT necessarily all inclusive, over time, as there are consistently newly added certifications and listings that maintain compliance with regulatory bodies all over the world.