Coaxitron-to-RS422/RS485 Pelco P or D protocol conversion through a CM9760-CXTA.


Will the CM9760-CXTA work in reverse to output the D or P protocol if a Coaxitron signal is on the output?

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Pelco Matrix




Customer needs to convert the Coaxitron signal to P or D protocol to control a non Pelco camera.


There is no support for converting Coaxitron to Pelco "P" or "D" RS422/RS485 protocols through the CM9760-CXTA. The RS422/RS485 input for "P" or "D" to convert to Coaxitron is unidirectional thus converting RS422/RS485 "P" or "D" to Coaxitron only.


Although Pelco does not have a Coaxitron-Pelco RS422/RS485 converter, a converter may be obtained through contact with Sennetech via their phone number 517-675-1150, or, through their website:


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