MC3610H-6 and PoE connections.


  • Why won't PoE power my MC3610H-6 camera?
  • After connecting my MC3610H-6 camera to the Ethernet, I am getting nothing out of it even though I know PoE is present.
  • What is the RJ45 for on the back of the MC3610H-6 camera?

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Confused about the use of the RJ45 on the back of the camera.


The RJ45 on the back of the MC3610H-6 camera is not for Ethernet, nor PoE. The RJ45 jack IS, however, for UTP connectivity output.

The MC3610H-6 cameras were never designed to work off of PoE and there is a need to provide a regulated 12VDC to 24VAC to the camera's power inputs.