Adjusting the Camera Position for FD5 Series


Adjusting the Camera Position for FD5 Series

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FD5 Series


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Adjusting the Camera Position:

The dome camera has three axes for positioning the camera. While monitoring the picture on the monitor, adjust the camera position as follows:

  • Pan adjustment:  Rotate 3D assembly in the base.  Do not turn assembly more than 360 degree as this may cause the internal cables to twist and disconnect or break.
  • Tilt Adjustment:  After loosening the screw on the bracket, position the camera as desired, and then tighten the screw back to the bracket.
  • Horizontal Rotation:  For wall mount and tilted ceilings, rotate the lens base (maximum 360 degree) until you are satisfied with the field of view.

Adjusting the Lens (if equipped with vari-focal lens)

  1. Loosen the zoom lever (#4) counter-clockwise a little, and then rotate the zoom lever and determine the image view.
  2. Loosen the focus lever (#5) counter-clockwise a little, and then adjust the focus for optimum picture sharpness.
  3. Re-tighten the zoom lever and focus lever after adjustment.

Note:  It is important that you lock the zoom and focus levers after making adjustments.  This will prevent the positions from moving (for example, from temperature changes or vibrations)



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