Resetting an ExSite IP camera.


  • I cannot access my ExSite online; how do I reset my ExSite IP camera now?
  • My IP address did not take and I am unable to ping my ExSite IP camera. How do I reset it?
  • Is there a reset procedure available for the ExSite IP based cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


IP based ExSite models - IPSXME ALL and EHXME ALL


No procedure available for resetting of ExSite IP cameras.


There is unfortunately no way to reset the ExSite IP based TXB board inside the power supply as this would require on-site work within the power supply that would compromise the flame path of the ExSite and causing a potential for disaster.

Due to the fact that the ExSite cameras are so regulated as well and there is no on-site repair work that can be done, and depending on age of ExSite, parts alone may NOT work unless the parts are of the same firmware and build time frame; this means that the parts ordered MUST be related to the same BUILD of parts and firmware to be usable with the rest of the ExSite on site.