Creating a StruxureWare Saved Search which functions as an Inet Off Normal Point Summary


Creating a StruxureWare Saved Search which functions as an Inet Off Normal Point Summary

Product Line

TAC I/NET, SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation


This tool can be used for troubleshooting and as an example of how to use the search features found in StruxureWare


  1. In StruxureWare, click on the Magnifier Icon next to the search field to open the Advanced Search Window
  2. Set the Search field to an asterisk " * "
  3. Set "In folder" to the I/NET Interface
  4. Uncheck the Include properties option
  5. Click on the ellipsis next to "Include types"
  6. Select INET Point
  7. Click on the Ellipsis next to Conditions
  8. Add conditions so that the search will show when Alarm is true OR Test is True OR Manual is True OR Old Data is True OR Alarm Acknowledge is False
  9. As an option, you can include offline items as well.
  10. Click on the Save Search Criteria Icon
  11. Name the Search and choose a destination folder
  12. You can now perform the same search with one click from the System tree.