How to integrate external microphone with Sarix Enhanced (IME Series) IP Camera Systems.


Audio setup using a Verifact A microphone with a Louroe pre amp.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix IME Series Line-in external audio connection
  • Verifact A microphone
  • Louroe pre-amplification system model ASK-4 Kit #300 (Amplifier model IF-1)
  • RCA Cable


Audio Integration Guide


The following example diagram utilizes the audio equipment listed in the Environment section above, although any audio pre-amplification system and microphone combination can be used to provide audio to Pelco IP Camera Systems.

Step 1: Physical Installation
The righthand-side of the folllowing diagram shows that one end of a standard RCA cable must be cut and stripped, to attach the Louroe Pre-amplification system to the IME Series IP Camera on Pin 3 for Audio In Negative (-) and Pin 4 for Audio In Positive (+), as well as ground. 

note: Click here for larger view.


Step 2: Sarix WebUI setup from Internet Browser

note: In order to hear audio within the Sarix WebUI, Pelco Media Player must be installed (see LL#11089); This is not required to hear and record audio with Digital Sentry or Endura VMS.

note: This setup has been tested with Digital Sentry and Endura VMS, and the audio delay/offset from real-time is under 1 second. If there is a larger delay, it may indicate an IP Network problem. Ensure all viewing devices are connected to 1000MB (1GB) Ethernet ports, and contact your network administrator for further troubleshooting.


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