Pelco Camera Tool is locking up.


  • Whenever I start your Camera Tool software, it locks my machine up.
  • Nothing has changed, but, your Pelco Tool software is locking my machine up now and I have to reboot it.

Product Line

Other, Pelco Cameras


Pelco Camera Tool software - any version

Windows machines - 2000, XP, 7 (8 is NOT supported)


Windows machine locked up and the desire to know why prompted the call.


Try the following to get the Windows machine locked up after using Pelco Camera Tool:

  • Try opening Task Manager and closing the Application OR killing the Process behind it
  • If the machine is really locked up, reboot the machine
  • Temporarily disabling the Antivirus software
  • Place an exception within the Antivirus software for Pelco Camera Tool
  • Try another known working Windows machine
  • If all else fails - try Honeywell's Lens Calculator tool software.