Graphics not working in Webstation - only the menu bar is shown


Graphics not working in Webstation. Only the menu bar is shown. Some graphics might work. The graphics are working fine in Workstation and in the editor.

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SmartStruxure Solution






Some images (PNG, JPEG, BMP) can have wrong information in the image file. In some cases this corrupted image information will block the graphic from being rendered in Webstation although it works fine in the editor and in Workstation.


Make a copy of a graphic that is not working and delete all the images in the graphic.

If the graphic can now be viewed in Webstation, go delete the images little by little viewing the graphic in Webstation after each save, until locating the image(s) having the issue.

Open the image in e.g. PaintBrush and save it with a new name.

Import the new image and save the graphic.

Check that the graphic can be viewed in Webstation

Another option to easier find the file image having the issue, is to extract the images from a graphic that is not working in Webstation with the "TGML Image Extract" tool, and run all the images through a image checker, such as "Bad Peggy" or "Corrupt JPEG Checker"