How do I wire and configure the Alarm Relay output on a Sarix Professional Series camera.


  1. What is the wire pin out for the alarm relay on a Sarix professional Camera?
  2. How do I configure the relay output on a Sarix Professional Camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Professional Series
  • Sarix IBP Series Environmental Bullet Cameras - all Models and Versions
  • Sarix IMP Series Mini Domes - all Models and Versions
  • Sarix IXP Series Box Cameras - all Models and Versions


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Each series of Sarix Professional has a different pin out connection on the 8 pin Alarm Audio Relay Connector. Connect to Com and Out/Signal.

IBP Series: IMP Series: IXP Series

The relay can be triggered using an Alarm contact, Motion, Or Sabotage.

Configure one of the three triggers to be used:

Setup the Relay Handler. The relay is N.O.  30 VDC @ 1 AMP.  The relay will close based upon 1 trigger only.  Simultaneous triggers have no effect.

Select the Trigger from the Drop Down.

Select On Time Seconds: This is the dwell or length of time the relay remains closed.

Select Off Time Seconds: Used only in conjunction with  Pulse Count. This is the dwell time the relay is open again between pulses.

Pulse Count: The number of times to open and close the relay after an initial trigger.

Example:  Set the trigger to motion detection.  Set on time to 10 seconds. Set off time to 5 seconds. Set pulse count to 3.

Results:  After motion is detected, the relay closes for 10 seconds then opens for 5 seconds; opens for 10 seconds and closes for 5 seconds again 2 more times.


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