Error when trying to open, save or import MTA file.


When trying to open a MTA file in StruxureWare Building Operation Menta or Function Block Program an error message is shown:

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Building Operations 1.5


The problem is the number of characters in a Comment field for a Menta block. We have seen that 109, 151, 155, 253, 407, 411 or 509 number of characters cause this kind of error.


Add or delete one character in comment field for the Menta block, in the example above it is the Menta block on line 4 in the AUT file that cause the problem.

  1. Open the AUT file in a text editor.
  2. Notice which line causing the issue from the error message.
  3. Find the comment and add or delete one character.
  4. Save the AUT file.