Spectra IV HiDef, and other Sarix mega-pixel specific CMOS imager based IP cameras.


  • Why is there no Shutter information on the 1080P's Spec Sheet?
  • What is the Shutter information for the Spectra IV HiDef cameras?
  • Can you tell me about the Shutters for the Spectra IV 720P and 1080P cameras?
  • What are the Shutter limitations for the Sarix based cameras and how fast does it move?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV HiDef models 720P and 1080P
  • Sarix 1.3Mpx and above -
    • First Generation Sarix: IX10, IXE10, IXE20, IXE30, IDE10, IDE20, IM10(LW/V/E)
    • Second Generation Sarix: IXE11, IXE21, IXE31, IXP21, IXP31, IME119, IME219, IME319


There is little understanding that the analog shutters no longer exist in the digital mega-pixel CMOS imager style cameras.


Pelco's Spectra IV HiDef and other Sarix based mega-pixel imager cameras use what is known as Rolling Shutter to where the shutter function has been placed onto the CMOS imager and driving curcuitry behind the imager itself to essentially whipe the imager clean from top-to-bottom for the next incoming image. Therefore, there is no true reference to what was once known as "Shutter Speeds" for the newer mega-pixel CMOS imagers and is the main reason why Spec Sheets do not make reference to these figures. Some great reading about this subject can be found here: CMOS White Paper.


The older CCD (Charged-Coupled Device) analog imagers used what is known as Global Shutter usage where the entire imager was shut off from the incoming light, thus making a still image, or, frame of video. There was a shutter speed associated with this.