Building Operation Sigma Transition - Sigma controllers fail to cold start correctly from the Sigma Server


Sigma controllers that have been cold started do not recover correctly.

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SmartStruxure Solution


Cold Start




Having imported a Sigma database into the Sigma Interface on the Enterprise Server, and following a controller cold start, Sigma controllers fail to fully recover. The controller correctly receives the Backup server number, but fails to request the data from the Sigma Server.


This issue is easily resolved as follows;

Import the Sigma Data.

Restart the Enterprise Server.

Cold start a controller to confirm that it fully recovers.


  • A  restart of the Enterprise Server will be required if any new controllers are added in the Data Import.
  • This workaround only works for ARM7 controllers, for V53 devices a Sigma 4.08 Hot Fix is available on the Download Centre.


To access the Download Centre and to download the Hot Fix, please click HERE.