EM1512, EM16, EH1512 and EH16 interchangeability.


  • The EH1512 and EM1512 are obsolete, what else am I supposed to use?
  • Will the EH16 connect to the EM1512?
  • Will the EH1512 connect to the EM16?
  • What will replace the Eh1512 ImagePak that I have as it can no longer br ordered?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EH1512 - including ALL ImagePak numbers i.e. EH1512-2MTS
  • EM1512
  • EH16
  • EM16


The EH1512 and related ImagePaks have gone obsolete without reference to further models to replace it with.


The EM16 mount is nearly identical, and can be used in place of the EM1512 mount arm. 

The EH1512 enclosure had many related ImagePak numbers that have concurrently gone obsolete as well and therefore the EH16 enclosure can take over for the EH1512 being obsolete. For instance, the EH1512-2MTS ImagePak can be replaced, one-for-one, with the new EH16-2MTS; and so on.