DS ControlPoint camera tree icons display random red slashes across all channels.


DS Controlpoint will display video on a channel that displays a red slash, even though the ENC5416 has green LEDs and DS Admin works fine.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV all models all versions.
  • ENC5416
  • ENC5400-2 Port / 4 Port
  • DS ControlPoint all versions


There is a data throughput constraint within the system causing remote software to display no video icon upon video channel.


Verify the ENC host board is installed into the correct PCI slot.

Looking at the rear panel of the DSSRV; the host board should be installed into the slot farthest to the left. PCI-e16X.

If the Host Board (ENC5400-2PORT/4PORT) is installed into th PCI-e 4X slot, the video channels will have issues.