Configuring Sarix software support for QoS (DSCP) Codepoint.


Configure a Sarix camera for Quality of Service (QoS) Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP)

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Pelco Cameras


  • All Sarix based cmeras all versions


QoS is the set of techniques to manage network resources.

Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is a field in an IP packet that enables different levels of service to be assigned to network traffic. This is achieved by marking each packet on the network with a DSCP code and appropriating to it the corresponding level of service.

DSCP is the combination of IP Precedence and Type of Service fields. In order to work with legacy routers that only support IP Precedence, DSCP values are used because they are compatible with IP Precedence fields. For more information, see RFC 2474 at the RFC Editor Web site.


Quality of Service (QoS)-enabled programs request a specific service type for a traffic flow through the application programming interface (API).

Sarix devices can be set using the web browser: Login, click on settings, and navigate to Video configuration under AV streams. The default value is 34 and Sarix supports the QoS DSCP standard range.

Type of Service (TOS):-

The Type of Service field is present in IP Header and it was originally defined in RFC 791.

The Type of Service octet consists of three fields. The last 3 bits ( 7,6,5) are for the first field, labeled “Precedence” , intended to denote the importance or priority of the datagram. The second field, labeled “TOS” , denotes how the network should make tradeoffs between throughput, delay, reliability, and cost.The first field, labeled “MBZ” ( for “must be zero” ) above, is currently unused. The originator of a datagram sets this field to zero (unless participating in an Internet protocol experiment which makes use of that bit). Routers and recipients of datagrams ignore the value of this field. This field is copied on fragmentation.

DSCP (Differentiated Service Code Point)

The definition to ToS was entirely changed in the RFC 2474 and it is now been called as Differentiated Service (DS). On the 8 fields, the upper 6 bit contains value called Differentiated Service Code Point(DSCP). The last 2 bits are used for Explicit Congestion Notification and it is defined in RFC 3168.

Conversion Table: Set Sarix decimal Code Point.