Web Service XML response empty and Web Service offline right after successfully creating it


Right after successfullly creating a simple XML Web Service all the values show 0 and the Web Service is offline

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


Simple XML Web Service


Enterprise Server

Automation Server


Possible cause 1: SmartStruxure Workstation can handle URL's both with and without the final forward slash even if the URL is just an IP address and a port number. The ES or AS can't handle that, and so after creating the variables through Workstation, the Web Service goes offline after it is added to the server.

Possible cause 2: The XML file or response is not UTF8 encoded but "UCS-2 LE BOM" encoded or something else.


Solution 1: Add a final forward slash to the Web Service URL - e.g. http://localhost:8000 should be http://localhost:8000/

Solution 2: Make sure the XML file is correctly encoded in UTF8 - you can check and change the encoding with e.g. Notepad++