What is the part number for the power supply used in the SM5000, WS5070, or VCD5202?


An SM5000, WS5070, or VCD5202 will not turn on.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • SM5000 system manager, all versions
  • VCD5202 video-console display, all versions
  • WS5070 workstation, all versions


The power supply in the unit has failed.


The part number for the power supply is PS07-3003-05120. That is a 300-watt power supply.

The part number for units produced before January, 2009 was PS01-4003-0512G. That is a 400-watt power supply. That power supply is not available for sale from Pelco at this time. If your unit uses the older power supply, it is recommended that you send the unit in for repair.