EA2000 Adjustments


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How to adjust EA2000

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How to adjust the EA2000 for Optimum performance 


Optimum performance is achieved if an oscilloscope and a standard EIA resolution chart are used in making gain and boost adjustments. The GAIN control should be adjusted for an output level to 1 volt p-p and the L.F. BOOST control should be adjusted for minimum tilt durning sync pulses. The H.F. BOOST control is then adjusted for optimum resolution wedge reproduction. If the use of a resolution chart is precluded, the H.F.BOOST control should be adjusted for maximum sharpness of sync pulse edges- without overshoot. An overshoot is when a signal or function exceeds its target.  Click Here for an example

In the absence of an oscilloscope, a less precise (but often equally satisfactory) adjustment can be made as follows:

  1. Set the GAIN and BOOST controls approximately 1/3 turn from fully counterclockwise.
  2. Adjust GAIN control for satisfactory overall picture contrast.
  3. Adjust L.F. BOOST control for optimum detail. Too much boost (clockwise) can cause picture instability and/or smearing (trail).
  4. Adjust the H.F. BOOST control to further optimize picture detail. Note that the effectiveness of this control is hardly perceptible unless very fine picture detail is present in the camera signal output. An excessive setting of this control (clockwise) can, however, increase picture noise.