How to configured DDNS on a DX4700_DX4800 Series.


Unable to connect to the DX4700 when DDNS is configured using DynDNS.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700 Series
  • DX4800 Series
  • DX4700HD Series
  • DX4800HD series


The DX4700 is configured for DDNS using DynDNS.


DDNS feature on a DX4700 Series only uses the services provided by No-IP.  Prior registration with No-IP to obtain a user name and password is required before configuring the HVR.

To configure DDNS at the DX4700:

  1. From the Network menu, place a checked on the DDNS submenu.
  2. Configured the following settings:
    • User Name: Assigned the DDNS server provider during registration.
    • Password: User password assigned the DDNS server during registration.
    • Host Name: Obtained from the DDNS server provider.
  3. Exit the Network menu, a warning prompt will appear.
  4. Click OK.

NOTE: The DDNS feature uses port 8245. This port is supported by No-IP. If the HVR is installed on a network that has a firewall, port 8245 has to be open
to allow DDNS data to get through the firewall. For information about setting up the firewall please contact your network administrator or network provider.

NOTE: If you are using the DDNS server, you do not need to enter a DNS server.