Common cause of constant power cycle on Pelco PTZ cameras.


  • My camera keeps power cycling on its own.
  • What would cause my camera to constantly power up and then power off?
  • Why does my PTZ camera constantly power cycle itself?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Pelco PTZ cameras - Spectra series, Spectra Mini series, Esprit series and ExSite series PTZ cameras.


  • The wire gauge suppling power to the housing is not correct for the distance.
  • The power supply is overloaded and cannot supply enough power to all of the cameras.


When it is noticed that a Pelco PTZ camera constantly power cycles itself, and drops off with no video, then comes back up and configurare itself, only to do this over and over again, then there are one of two things happening:

  1. Install correct wire gauge for power cable for the distance ran. To help, our Wire gage chart/distance estimator is located here: Wire Distance.

  2. Install additional power supply to support the amount of camera. Pelco power supply  shown below.