Unable to connect to device 'Script Manager' error message in the WS5000 program when connected to an EE500


When attempting to access the scripts tab in the setup window of the WS5000 program, the following error message is displayed:

At other times, the scripts tab will load normally, but will display the above message when you attempt to save the script.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


EE500 EnduraXpress - version 1.2


The XMLScriptIntRuntime service is not running on the EE500.


To resolve the issue, perform the following stpes:

  1. Download EE500 Script Fixer 3.xml.
  2. Import EE500 Script Fixer 3.xml into Endura Utilities using the steps in Lessons Learned Entry 15121.
  3. Next, right-click on the EE500 in Endura Utilities and select Scripts → EE500 Script Fixer 3.
  4. Finally, reboot the EE500.