Cameras display black video on the DX8100 dual display extended monitor.


Camera video is black on the dual display VGA output but camera titles, status icons display properly.


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100
  • Dual Display Card - Extended Monitor
  • VGA


The secondary monitor is configured for 16 bit color mode in the Windows display properties.


Configure the secondary monitor to use 32 bit color depth

  1. From the DX8100 menu bar, choose File > Exit. The Shut down dialog box opens.
  2. Click Exit to Windows.
  3. Click OK. The “Log On to Windows” dialog box opens.
  4. Enter the Windows password (default = dx8100) and then click OK. The system logs you into the Windows operating system.
  5. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, and then double-click the Display icon. The Display Properties dialog box opens.
  6. Click the Settings tab, then select or click on the secondary monitor.
  7. Click the drop down menu under Color quality and select Highest (32 bit).
  8. Verify "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" is still enabled.
  9. Click OK to save and close (do not click Apply before Ok.)