Can a DSSRV have both an ENC5416 and a ENC5516 connected to the same system?


  • Currently have a ENC5416 connected to a DSSRV and would like to add a ENC5516, is it compatible?
  • Does the DSSRV support a ENC5516?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV1
  • ENC5416
  • ENC5516
  • ENC5400-4PORT


Expanding analog inputs or replacing failed hardware on an existing DSSRV1.


No, the DSSRV recorder supports either ENC5416's or ENC5516's but not a mix of the two. 

If upgrading or expanding analog inputs, will need to purchase enough ENC5516's to cover the new and existing analog ports.


Note: To use an ENC5516 with a DSSRV1, the Digital Sentry software version must be 7.7.309 or higher.