How to re-enable the COPY icon on a DX7000.


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The COPY icon is missing from the DX7000 live screen display.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX7000


The COPY icon may be missing from the DX7000 live screen display due to one of the possible reasons listed below:

  1. Backup option is not checked in SPEED settings.
  2. This may happen whenever Adaptec Direct CD is not installed.
  3. If the license agreement has not been accepted.


Option one:
To re-enable the COPY icon on the DX7000 if Backup is available in SPEED settings:

  1. Enter the SETUP menu.
  2. Click on the SPEED icon to enter the SPEED settings.
  3. Place a checked on BACKUP
  4. Exit the Setup menu
  5. Verify the COPY icon is shown on the live video display.


Option two:
To re-enable the COPY icon if BACKUP is not shown on the SPEED settings menu

  1. Click on SETUP
  2. Click Quick to explorer icon (bottom right corner).
  3. Go to C:\Program Files.
  4. Look for either an Adaptec or Roxio folder.
  5. Locate DirectCD folder, open it .
  6. Locate the DirectCD executable and double click on it.
  7. Choose "I accept" at the license agreement prompt.
  8. Close the software
  9. Exit back to the DX7000 software
  10. Verify the BACKUP option is now listed in SETUP/SPEED
  11. Place a checked mark on BACKUP
  12. Exit the setup menu.
  13. Verify the COPY icon is now available in live video display.

If Adaptec or Roxio folder is not listed as described in option one try the following:

  1. Install DirectCD from the CD the customer received with the external CDRW drive "from Pelco".
  2. Make sure to choose custom installation.
  3. Only Select DirectCD (don't select all other options).

NOTE:  If the customer does not have the Direct CD originally supplied with the DX7000, a copy can be sent out by Pelco only if it is still available.
Part number: MS08-1210-0013 (this will only work with Pelco's External HP CD writers).