Sarix IME and IMP series RAL color references.


  • What is the RAL color for your new Sarix cameras?
  • What color do you use for the IME and IMP cameras?
  • What paint is used for the Sarix based cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix Enhanced models and Professional models (ALL models)


Site related color matching was needed.


Sarix Professional:

Indoor Domes – RAL9003

Outdoor Domes (with and without IR) – RAL7047

Box – RAL9003

Bullet – RAL9022


Sarix Enhanced:

Indoor Domes – RAL9003

Outdoor/Environmental Domes – RAL7047

Box – RAL9022 (note:  different than Sarix Pro Box)


Spectra Professional:

Indoor (pendant or in-ceiling) – RAL9003

Outdoor (pendant or in-ceiling) – RAL7047

(Note:  the in-ceiling backbox is black and would loosely follow RAL9005 – it is internal to the ceiling so we don’t track color variations closely on the in-ceiling backbox).


The texture is an important element of getting a matching look.  The texture Pelco follows for the items above is based on a Schneider Electric industrial design reference.  It is commonly known as “soft satin” for plastic, and “smooth satin” for paint.  It has the following reference standards (each are the same visually, they are just difference reference standards):

Charmilles - Charm 21

                Mold-Tech - K7050G (very close to Mold-Tech T-11000)

                Yick-Sang - YS20040

                The Ra (um) height reference is 1.10 um