Considerations when interfacing Pelco IP Cameras to 3rd Party Video Management Systems (VMS).


Interface, drivers, and menu options when interfacing a Pelco IP Camera to 3rd Party Systems.

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  • Atlas based firmware
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The most important key to integrating a Pelco IP Camera to any 3rd party system is Drivers.  Be sure the 3rd Party datasheet reflects the Pelco API or a supported ONVIF profile. Sometimes selecting a model option for driver selection will interface with another model of camera.

Programming the camera using a web browser may not be possible when the camera is activated to a VMS.  Some systems can maintain a control session with the camera causing the inability to apply changes.  Be sure to deactivate the camera in the VMS if this issue becomes apparent.

PTZ cameras are controlled using drivers not analog protocols like Pelco D or Coaxitron.