How to factory default the NSM5200 from the web interface.


The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure, please contact Product Support Services prior to attempting the procedure below.


The NSM5200 pool manager database is in a corrupted state.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200 version 2.3.1 and higher.


Corrupt NSM5200 database may exhibit the following symptoms:
  • Error when accessing  the NSM Pool settings from the web interface
  • NVR association issues
  • The number of members listed in the web interface of the pool manager does not match what is listed in PAL or NSTERM


**WARNING** Selecting the wrong options will permanently erase all video.

  1. Access the web interface of the NSM5200. The default credentials are [Username: admin | Password: admin].
  2. Click Reset to Factory Defaults.

  3. Select the appropriate option(s) and click Continue.

  4. Enter the credentials used in Step 1 and click Reset.

  5. The prompt "Resetting system, please wait..." will appear.

  6. Finally the below prompt will appear.

  7. Once the unit has been rebooted it will appear as shown below. Use LL#12121 to configure it.