How do I Upgrade the Firmware on the IPCT01 Camera Tester


The resolution of this article has many complex steps that may result in unforeseen results if not performed correctly. If you are at all unfamiliar with the requirements, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


How to aquire a version license; and update the firmware on the IP Camera Tool?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IPCT01 IP Camera Installation Tool
  • Firmware version 0504-0511-0592 supports ONVIF S
  • Third party ONVIF S supported IP cameras


  • Sales and Support
  • Installation and Upgrade
  • I cannot connect to a third party IP camera


Process to update the firmware of the IPCT01

  1.  Download firmware upgrade from
  2. Login to the Exchange  Download Center and download IP Camera Tester (IPCT01) Firmware Update 592.7z   Extract to get PELCO-x-x-592.TGZ.
  3. The PELCO-x-x-592.TGZ archive contains 2 additional files PELCO-x-x-592.TAR, and PELCO-x-x-592.md5.
  4. The PELCO-x-x-592.TAR contains 3 additional sub archived files. There is no need to extract these files.
  5. Note: Only Use USB stick that is 2 gig or 4 gig 8 and 16 gig USB drives may not be supported on IPCT01
  6. Copy the file (PELCO-x-x-592.tgz and PELCO-x-x-592.md5)  to the root directory of a BLANK USB flash Stick.
  7. There will be a total of 2 files on the USB stick: PELCO-x-x-592.tgz, and PELCO-x-x-592.md5.

 Note*  Be sure the power supply is connected to the IPCT01 so the IPCT01 remains powered during the upgrade. 

To power on the IPCT01, please set the Power Slide Switch on the side to “ON” position, and press and hold the Start Key for 3 seconds.

Navigate menus click on Setup  => Setup system  >= click the Upgrade button next to existing firmware version displayed.


Perform the following step using the IPCT01:

  1. Insert USB stick containing the firmware file.
  2. Press USB Button.  NOTE* The system may or may not detect the USB stick right away; multiple attempts of this step may be required.
  3. After the IPCT01 detects the USB and initializes,  Pelco-x-x-592.tgz  file will display in the white box.  Click on the filename in the white box to select; it highlights blue; click the green checkmark.
  4. Message: After the Upgrade all settings and images will be deleted? click ok to continue thru warning message.
  5. The Firmware begins the update. Checks; Decompresses; Finds AP Program.
  6. Message: The version upgrade  is complete please reboot now. Click ok.

The IPCT01 powers off automatically. Remove the USB Stick at this point in the process, and press the Start Key button to power up the device.

Upon power up; re calibrate the deviceNote* Multiple attempts may be required to perform this step; The process has a tendency to error out.

Verify version upgrade is successful

Navigate menus: click on Setup  => Setup system  => verify firmware.  The upgraded version should be displayed.




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