Displaying a PDF file in a Niagara G3 / AX graphic.


Using 3.7.106 and want to display a PDF file on a Niagara G3 / AX graphic. It's been done in the past but with "Default Web Profile" "Applet Reload on Hyperlink" set to "False" the PDF does not display.

Is there a way to do it without setting the "Applet Reload on Hyperlink" to "True"?


Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara G3 / AX revision 3.7.106 and higher


More secure changes made to G3 / AX


Instead of creating a hyperlink button with hyperlink:  file:^blahblah.pdf


This opened the pdf in the browser (it left the default web profile but the back button returned to it).