Enable Auto Reboot on the DX8100.


  • Don't have the time to manually reboot the DX8100.
  • Have not reboot the DX8100 for year(s).
  • Don't have easy access to the DX8100 to manually reboot.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 Series


DX8100 fast forward response is too slow.


To enable Auto Reboot feature:

  1. On the Dx8100 toolbar, click Setup button. The Setup dialog box opens to the Camera page.
  2. Click the System button. The System page is displayed.
  3. In the Auto Reboot section, click the Enable check box.
  4. In the Auto Reboot section, do the following to specify the day and time to automatically reboot the system:

    a. Select the day of the week in the drop-down box.

    b. In the Hour drop-down box, select the hour. Time is displayed in 24 hour clock format.

    c. In the Minute drop-down box, select the minutes
  5. Click Apply.

NOTE: The DX8100 will not automatically reboot if there are mapped network drives because the Windows feature requires that the password be entered at the Enter Network Password dialog box.