DS ControlPoint: Analog cameras show live video but camera icon has a red slash.


  • Analog cameras in camera tree appear with red slash although live video is present when dragged into layout.
  • Loss of Scene Intensity is set to 1 in DS Admin.
  • Live video is displayed in DS Admin.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV v7.2.46 - v7.6.32
  • DS ControlPoint v7.2.46 - v7.6.32
  • ENC5416
  • Analog cameras


  • Software issue causing the DS Video Server Service to allow connections even though user does not have rights.
  • Software issue where video level of analog camera is too low.


Update the DSSRV and DS ControlPoint client to DS v7.7.309 or later. Also verify the ENC5400-4PORT card is installed in the correct slot.

For the installation of the DSSRV with an ENC5400-4PORT click here

For the installation of the DSSRV2 with an ENC5400-4PORT click here

Change the Loss of Scene intensity - How to adjust the "Loss of scene intensity range" for Digital Sentry recorders.

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