How to factory default a NET5500 series.


No IP address being detected from the NET5500 series

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • NET5500 series.
    • NET5501
    • NET5504
    • NET5508
    • NET5516


New install


Reset the NET5500.

  1. Locate the reset button  on the back of the NET5500 series. 
  2. Use a sharp-edged object (e.g. paper clip) to press and hold the Reset switch.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the back of the NET5500.
  4. Press and hold the reset button while plugging the power cable back in.
  5. Hold the reset button for about 20-30 seconds then release it.
  6. Wait until the  warning indicator light and power indictor LED are both steady green. (If you have a camera or network cable plugged in those indicator LEDs should illuminate as well.)
  7. When the encoder reset is completed, the system will restart to the factory default settings.
    Note: If you perform the factory reset, all your settings on your device will be lost. And the default IP address